I am finally able to read those books that I bought on a whim and have forever put off and to finish those that I bought, read one chapter, and then put away for later reading.  Every once in a while (because my earlier goal of a book review a week is obtuse) I will post a review of the books I have read and hopefully I will go through the mountains of books that litter my home office/library shelves.  Do you suffer from the same malady as I do?  Will you join me in my journey?  I am a book hoarder (both electronic and hard copies) so the pile keeps growing exponentially!

Regarding Literary Value, or good use of English and all that, well… I am an Economics major, and an ESL speaker.  What do I know about style and all that other than what I can offer you as an avid reader and consumer of the written word?  Perhaps not enough for some people, perhaps something for others.    Of course, if in my limited understanding, I find that a book is poorly written, then I would point that out, but I do not regard myself as a literary critic.  Far from it.  This is one of my hobbies, and I am very happy to share my thoughts about books with each one of you.

I will also try and limit the spoilers here.  Mainly this is a site about why I liked or disliked a particular book and  hopefully this will entice you to read it or give it a wide berth.



2012 Reading Challenge

2012 Reading Challenge
Vivian has read 23 books toward her goal of 100 books.

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