Wide Sargasso Sea

Wide Sargasso Sea

I must confess that I dislike Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre, I know some people that would have my eyes for stating such thing, but I find this prequel a lot more captivating than her book. Jane Eyre always felt preachy and out of control, like at some point Charlotte lost control of her own story and it went everywhere and she did not have the heart or the strength to edit the superfluous material. Wide Sargasso Sea is exactly the opposite, each word has meaning, every scene, every paragraph is tightly woven into the story foreshadowing things to come, but done in such a way that our attention is captivated from beginning to end. I like how unpretentious this book is, and how it shifts from first person narrative to a sort of stream of consciousness. You feel as if you were glimpsing inside their head, listening to the main character’s thoughts.

It is also steamy, sensual without having one explicit word. We feel Antoinette’s love for Rochester and Rochester’s addictive and possessive nature that does not allow to let go of a woman he has come to hate. I detest reviews that give away the plot of the book, so I will refrain from saying anything else, but this is a must read. It is a wonderful piece of literature and you should read it carefully. One tip, watch out for Christophine, who I think at times acts as the author’s mouth. She is one interesting character and the only one whose perspective is not as tainted by prejudice and narrow-mindedness or madness.

And for those who think fanfiction or derivative works are not really art, Wide Sargasso Sea proves you wrong.

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