Come Unto These Yellow Sands

Come Unto These Yellow Sands

I am going to admit, Mr. Lanyon’s books can be a bit formulaic, usually they have a hot cop or sort of law enforcement guy falling for a wounded, damaged  intellectual,  but the magic of his books rests on his character development and the exhilarating and enthralling plot lines he weaves.  In this particular book you have Swift, a former bad boy poet turned college professor and Max, his boyfriend who is also the town’s sheriff.  Swift knows that his relationship with Max is very fragile and when one of his students is accused of murder and comes to Swift for help, all his efforts to keep it together and maintain a handle on the vortex that is his past, and his fragile present, are put on the line.

What is so special about that you ask?  Well, first of all the narrative.  Mr. Lanyon makes use of second person and third person narratives.  It makes for a dreamy, hazy sort of storytelling where we enter the author’s mind for a second and are privy to his thoughts about the character, which is something I have seldom encountered in romance books.  The reader is able to hone in on the main character’s feelings and then is taken away to a more detached narrative,  this makes for a tantalizing sort of dance.  Reading this book was such a lovely experience and I was so taken with the characters that I think it is the only romance book that I have read more than once.

Also, as I pointed out before, his characters are very well fleshed-out.  There is more to Swift than just a tragic past and there is more to Max than the straight laced hot cop, and the plot is not about the hot cop rescuing the hot guy and then having his wicked way with him.  What caught my attention about this book is that Max and Swift are in an established relationship that is put in jeopardy by circumstances. The rest, you will have to read it and find out for yourself because I wouldn’t like to spoil the fun for you.  So, if you are seeking for a book to read and spend a few pleasurable hours dreaming, Come Unto These Yellow Sands is the book for you.

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