Books on my Shelves

Unfinished Books

  1. A Brief History of Time
  2. Guns, Germs and Steel
  3. Beyond Good and Evil
  4. Nana
  5. The Idiot
  6. Great Expectations
  7. Beloved
  8. Wide Sargasso Sea
  9. The Revolution, A manifesto
  10. Ahab’s Wife or, The Star Gazer
  11. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  12. Enduring Love
  13. Ficciones (Spanish)
  14. Your Inner Fish
  15. Close Range
  16. The Power of Myth
  17. The Blind Watchmaker

Unread Books

  1. Seven Types of Ambiguity
  2. 1984
  3. The Tin Drum
  4. The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy
  5. Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  6. A letter to a Christian Nation
  7. God is not Great
  8. The Selfish Gene
  9. The Red Queen, Sex and the Evolution of the Human Nature
  10. Mrs. Dalloway
  11. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
  12. On Writing
  13. The Sound and the Fury
  14. Oliver Twist
  15. The Catcher in the Rye
  16. The Children of Hurin
  17. The Greatest Show on Earth
  18. The Awakening
  19. Dead Aid
  20. The Hero with a Thousand Faces
  21. Digital Fortress (Ewww.. I loathe Dan Brown, but this was a gift)
  22. Ensayo Sobre la Ceguera (Gift/Spanish)
  23. Atahualpa (Gift/Spanish)
  24. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  25. El Alquimista ( This was also a gift and is in Spanish).
  26. Swordspoint
  27. Amsterdam
  28. Midnight Children
  29. The Comfort of Strangers
  30. Rebecca
  31. Baudolino
  32. The Name of the Rose
  33. Foucault’s Pendulum
  34. The Legend of Sigurd & GudrΓΊn
  35. The Book of Lost Tales I
  36. The Book of Lost Tales II
  37. The Lays of Beleriand
  38. The Shaping of Middle-Earth
  39. The Lost Road and Other Writings
  40. The War of the Ring
  41. The Treason of Isengard
  42. The Return of the Shadow
  43. Sauron Defeated
  44. Morgoth’s Ring
  45. The War of the Jewels
  46. The Peoples of Middle-Earth
  47. Unfinished Tales
  48. Palacio del Deseo (Palace of Desire)

So, not quite one hundred, but I just grabbed a random number, and 100 books looked a lot better than fifty books.Β  This list will probably grow, as I am a compulsive buyer and I may buy more while on a trip to Barnes and Noble or while browsing my favorite online store,