Ecce Femina

A sleepy day at university

Campus during the summer is quite different from the regular hustle and bustle of the fall and spring The silence of the hallways is eerily disconcerting when one is used to the loud humming of students’ voices and the sound of ringing laughter that is so characteristic of a university’s campus. Even the instructors seem to teach in a quieter voice. Everything is so different, everyone hurries about to their classes, and people are actually able to find parking close to their classrooms, something that is rare during the regular semesters when more often than not I end up parking a good half a mile away from the actual building where my classes are being held. There are no protesters holding signs announcing the end of the world and dooming those that have not gotten on the “born again” bandwagon, no fundraiser activities, not many people getting out of the library after an all night session of studying with bloodshot eyes and ruffled hair. Even the weather seems to be in a nostalgic sort of mood, gray skies and rain are as common as alligators and orange trees for Florida during the summer.

Many people find the university campus ugly, with its eclectic mixture of fifties bunker style buildings and modern architecture. I love campus, it is filled with green spaces and the trees surrounding the buildings look weathered and well loved. Those trees have seen many generations pass through these halls. They stand a silent watch over the thoughts that will shape the future of this state. When I find myself overwhelmed by my workload or I am sad or angry, I look out the window and rest my gaze on one of the gentle green giants. It doesn’t take away my problems, but at least it manages to give me a pleasant distraction. I wonder if anyone else here feels the same way about them.

I still haven’t managed to write anything other than this blog, although I have many projects due soon. I also have not gotten to prepare that canvas for the painting of the swamps near my house that I have been dying to do since I got all my supplies from the store. I could be doing some of that now, but it is pouring outside and has been for the last hour, and conveniently enough, I forgot my umbrella at home.

I am going to go sulk some and then brave the storm to get to my car and go to my singing lesson. I hope you all have a better day than mine,