Ecce Femina

Getting Back on the Saddle


After quite a few months of inactivity, well, at least on the blog side of things, I have decided to once again try my hand at keeping up with this blog.

While I was away, I was involved in a few projects, some of which I have finished, some that are still waiting for me to complete them.  An example being my Leaf Pattern Scarf.

It took a few weeks to finish.  I finally got it blocked and ready to go a few days ago.  I got the pattern for it from 60 Quick Knits in Cascade 220.

It was a slow moving pattern, but I believe it was quite worth the wait.  It is an exquisite scarf and I love the deep blue color, although that was something I changed from the original pattern.  I didn’t care for the lilac they used for that pattern, so I switched it to a deep blue.  Lilac is hard to care for as it can get stained and it doesn’t look too winter-like for my taste.

I have also purchased a few new cookbooks and I am back at planning my menus for the week from the different cook books I own.  You can have a peek at tonight’s dinner.  It was Linguini with Anchovies and Capers and Cod with Thyme and Capers from Step by Step Italian, a cookbook I got while I was browsing the local Sam’s Club.  I was so exited about the clean flavors and the twist on the classic putanesca sauce that I bought it and came home and planned a menu for the week with recipes from this book and another one I got while I was there.  

You can see the little flags marking the recipes for the different days of the week.

I took some pictures and voilà, now there is food porn for the masses!  Step by step food porn for the masses, I should say.

Have a look at my amazing chopping skills and my huge bamboo cutting board!

We have some anchovies and Kalamata Olives:


Some tomatoes, chopped and seeded:



Another shot at my set up:


And now you can see my amazing stove at work:

The fish:

And the sauce for the fish, lemons, capers and olive oil.  You can’t go wrong with that:




And finally the meal:




You can all drop your adoring comments on the box below.  (Pretty please?)
Anyhow, I figure I shouldn’t promise things I am not able to keep.  I will try to keep this blog updated every day but things may come up.  There are a few things cooking up in La Casa de Mills.
Let me know what you think of the photographs and the projects.  Do you think I should sell my own creations on Etsy?
Oh, by the way, it is really cold today in Florida.  As a matter of fact it is so cold that I had to spend an hour outside along my husband wrapping all my plants in order to protect them from the frost.  It was an unpleasant but necessary task as most of the plants in my garden are very sensitive to frost conditions.  Last year I lost half of my garden because I was not as diligent with my plants as I should have been.

Well, I am taking this blogging thing one day at a time.  Hopefully, I’ll be back tomorrow, but if not, then I’ll be back when I am back.

Have a great evening.