Ecce Femina

I did a Scooby…

Today I have updated my other blog, the one dealing with book reviews, and I have shamelessly begged through email and Twitter for readership.  I figure it’s like that silly method of testing if spaghetti is done or not; you throw a few strands to the wall and if they stick they are done and if they fall they still need more cooking.  Well, I figure that I would do the same with my blogs.  I would throw out links and beg and cajole (well, not really, but it feels that way), and then I would see if they stick or not.  If not, then I figure my blog is still very “raw” and then if they stick, then I figure they are actually interested on what I may have to talk about.   It is a very humbling endeavor.  I can imagine how tough it is for an author to submit manuscripts to agents and publishing houses.  It must be really emotionally exhausting to receive a rejection or to have your book shelved as “something good but without the market for it at the moment”. I figure if I do ever complete a book I will have to go through it.  Who knows?  Perhaps I should write and stop just thinking about writing.

But enough of that, here I said I was going to update you all in Noteworthy news, so we’ll start with this one I found through my Tweeter feed from the Guardian, UK.  Apparently Erotic Art was present in London as well as in Pompeii.  I knew this was true (I do watch the History Channel every once in a while), but it was really awesome to see they had those little tokens in Londinium,  the same way they did in Pompeii.  And it is a cool reminder for those snobs I have encountered in countless occasions that erotic art  has been around since the beginning of the world.  It is not bad, just not for everybody, the same as cubism, impressionism and classical,  some people will love some and hate others.

The other set of news I found noteworthy was this, although I doubt this is news, but I liked it, especially the bit about Poker Face since in a few times during my life, these have been my sentiments exactly.  What… did you think since I like cooking, knitting, embroidery and I am happily married I am some sort of grandma with no big secrets of her own?  Well, not so much a secret anymore.   From the HuffPost Gay Voices, 10 Songs with a Queer Secret!  Also, the one about the YMCA is a hoot, everyone knows that and you don’t need to be a member of the LGBT community to be aware of that.  I mean, the Village people are probably as flamboyantly gay as they come.   Anyhow, I love to see the LGBT community get more exposure on the mainstream.  Now that I touch on the LGBT community and mainstream… what is it with Rick Santorum?  Doesn’t he ever learn?  Why would he defend those horrifying words of his?

I can’t believe that someone with this sort of idiosyncrasy ended up second runner to win the nomination of one of the most powerful political parties in the world.

Also noteworthy, Library Sends Cop to 5 Year Old’s House to Collect Books, well, it turns out that they were not after her, but after her dad.  Still, it makes you think twice about not returning those books to the library.  As a matter of fact, I am such a lousy library patron that I prefer to buy the book rather than borrow them from the library.  I end up paying 3 or 4 times the price of the books in overdue fines, so I simply buy the books.  Much nicer now that I have a Nook and can read anywhere.  I don’t have to worry about having damaging the books or misplacing them.

Well, I think that’s about what I have for you today.  I am going to be attending a writer’s Meet Up for the first time tonight, and I’ll give you all the juicy tidbits tomorrow.