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The world outside is hard and disappointing

So, I didn’t blog yesterday because my RA has flared up and I couldn’t get out of bed all day.  I think it’s the cold weather.

I told you I would tell you about my experience with the Writers Meet Up that I attended on Thursday night.  Well… it was a great disappointment.  Read the rest of this entry »

I did a Scooby…

Today I have updated my other blog, the one dealing with book reviews, and I have shamelessly begged through email and Twitter for readership.  I figure it’s like that silly method of testing if spaghetti is done or not; you throw a few strands to the wall and if they stick they are done and if they fall they still need more cooking.  Well, I figure that I would do the same with my blogs.  I would throw out links and beg and cajole (well, not really, but it feels that way), and then I would see if they stick or not.  If not, then I figure my blog is still very “raw” and then if they stick, then I figure they are actually interested on what I may have to talk about.   It is a very humbling endeavor.  I can imagine how tough it is for an author to submit manuscripts to agents and publishing houses.  It must be really emotionally exhausting to receive a rejection or to have your book shelved as “something good but without the market for it at the moment”. I figure if I do ever complete a book I will have to go through it.  Who knows?  Perhaps I should write and stop just thinking about writing. Read the rest of this entry »

A Quiet Day

Today I dedicated myself to updating my event and social calendars.  I am not a social butterfly, but I have decided to get away from the computer and out into the real world more often, so I went onto Meet Up and looked for things going on around my area.  I found a few events that interest me and I will be talking about them as the week progresses (if I have time).  School starts next week and although my calendar won’t be as busy as last semester’s calendar I will be dedicating my free time to volunteering with Nourish International, and I still will pursue my voice and piano lessons so I will be an extremely busy and happy bee. Read the rest of this entry »

Getting Back on the Saddle


After quite a few months of inactivity, well, at least on the blog side of things, I have decided to once again try my hand at keeping up with this blog.

While I was away, I was involved in a few projects, some of which I have finished, some that are still waiting for me to complete them.  An example being my Leaf Pattern Scarf.

It took a few weeks to finish.  I finally got it blocked and ready to go a few days ago.  I got the pattern for it from 60 Quick Knits in Cascade 220. Read the rest of this entry »

Rain, rain, go away…

It has been raining for a straight week here in Florida.  I am ready to develop webbed feet and gills, it is so wet!

I had so many activities scheduled for this week, like going to the swamps to get those sketches for my painting going, but that is not going to happen if it keeps pouring the way it has.  While I was busy and had absolutely  no time in my hands it was nice and sunny, and now that time is abundant it seems that it will never stop storming. The bright side of this never-ending  storm is that my garden is getting more than enough water.  I hope my roses don’t get too wet or I’ll be fighting black spot throughout the fall. Read the rest of this entry »

Racing against time

It is almost of this day and I just now found some time to update this blog.

I thought I would share something extremely funny — well, I think is funny.  It’s called “Fear the Boom and Bust” and it is quite obviously related to Economics, my field of study. Read the rest of this entry »

Blogging for the World

Hello, and good day to you!

This is the start of my umpteenth attempt at blogging. We’ll see how this goes. Right now I am at the Starbucks closest to my home and I have been stating at a blank page for quite a while. There are a million thoughts swirling around my head, but I am finding them extremely hard to commit them to paper. The one that keeps popping up in my head is the extremely long to do list of things that need to get done, like updating my book review website. The books I have read and those that I have reviewed differ by about two dozen. That being said, I don’t think I’ll review all of them. Some of the books I have read lately are so bad that I feel if I were to review them honestly I would guarantee myself to be in the hit list of an angry authors mob. I also need to start packing again. I am in the middle of summer semester and I need to get ready to move house for the second time in six months. By now I am such an expert on packing that I should give out seminars on the subject. Read the rest of this entry »

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