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I did a Scooby…

Today I have updated my other blog, the one dealing with book reviews, and I have shamelessly begged through email and Twitter for readership.  I figure it’s like that silly method of testing if spaghetti is done or not; you throw a few strands to the wall and if they stick they are done and if they fall they still need more cooking.  Well, I figure that I would do the same with my blogs.  I would throw out links and beg and cajole (well, not really, but it feels that way), and then I would see if they stick or not.  If not, then I figure my blog is still very “raw” and then if they stick, then I figure they are actually interested on what I may have to talk about.   It is a very humbling endeavor.  I can imagine how tough it is for an author to submit manuscripts to agents and publishing houses.  It must be really emotionally exhausting to receive a rejection or to have your book shelved as “something good but without the market for it at the moment”. I figure if I do ever complete a book I will have to go through it.  Who knows?  Perhaps I should write and stop just thinking about writing. Read the rest of this entry »

Racing against time

It is almost of this day and I just now found some time to update this blog.

I thought I would share something extremely funny — well, I think is funny.  It’s called “Fear the Boom and Bust” and it is quite obviously related to Economics, my field of study. Read the rest of this entry »

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