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Hello, and good day to you!

This is the start of my umpteenth attempt at blogging. We’ll see how this goes. Right now I am at the Starbucks closest to my home and I have been stating at a blank page for quite a while. There are a million thoughts swirling around my head, but I am finding them extremely hard to commit them to paper. The one that keeps popping up in my head is the extremely long to do list of things that need to get done, like updating my book review website. The books I have read and those that I have reviewed differ by about two dozen. That being said, I don’t think I’ll review all of them. Some of the books I have read lately are so bad that I feel if I were to review them honestly I would guarantee myself to be in the hit list of an angry authors mob. I also need to start packing again. I am in the middle of summer semester and I need to get ready to move house for the second time in six months. By now I am such an expert on packing that I should give out seminars on the subject. Read the rest of this entry »

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